Creating is what I am passionate about! 
But, that can be difficult when other things are out of order. 
Along the way I have found some fun tips and tricks, as well as some essentials to staying organized and building brands. Building your business becomes so much easier when you learn to build yourself! 


Step By Step SEO For Websites

Don’t get me wrong, I love a designing websites. But more importantly, I love for the websites I design to be seen! And that is where SEO comes into play✨ When you optimize your website with keywords that are trending for your niche, but are also not overly saturated you are in the sweet spot […]

May 31, 2022

desk with a camera and pencil cup


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3 Types Of Keywords

I have probably written over 500 SEO blogs at this point 👀 That’s a lot of freakin’ blogs! And through it I have learned a lot about keywords and how to increase your Google Ranking through blogging. And I kind of have a secret recipe that I have created and perfected through all that experience! […]

April 6, 2022

3 types of keywords to include in your website and blogs

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