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April 6, 2022

3 Types Of Keywords

I have probably written over 500 SEO blogs at this point 👀 That’s a lot of freakin’ blogs! And through it I have learned a lot about keywords and how to increase your Google Ranking through blogging. And I kind of have a secret recipe that I have created and perfected through all that experience! Level up your blogging with what the big 3 types of keywords.


The first of your three types of keywords will be your Label. This basically describes who you are. Wedding Photographer, Baker, Health Coach. Based on your services, how would you label yourself so that you are easily found by your ideal client.

This keyword should appear in the first sentence of your blog, as well as 2-3 other places within the blog. Although this won’t be the “focus keyword” of your blog, it should be a secondary keyword for every blog you write!

Subject Matter

This is the key phrase that will be the subject of your blog. This will be different for every blog you write and very specific. Be careful as the more specific your keyword is the less competition there is for it. But if it is too specific, then it may have a low search volume.

Have your Subject Matter Keywords in the first paragraph of your blog. As well as through out the blog in paragraphs and headings! About every other paragraph is a good rule for how often. Make sure it feels organic in your writing and adds value to the content.


Of the three types of keywords, this is the only one that could be optional. If your business is 100% virtual, meaning you don’t need your local community to support you. Then this type of keyword you don’t need to think too much about 🎉 However, if you are based out a of a specific location, or prefer to serve clients in a certain city, then zero in on your location!

Add your Location Keyword to your Label and Subject Matter when possible. This gives a more specific search results that lead to your website and blog.

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Types of Keywords

These three types of keywords will add so much more value to your blog. As well as lead more organic traffic to your website! For more blogging tips, reach out! I have an awesome blogging guide with your name on it!