I was sick of not getting to fulfill my dreams of building a business because I didn’t have the knowledge or resources to create and expand. 

Sound familiar?

After interning for Look for the Light Photo Video and learning to market, advertise and create, I found my passion! And I was ready to chase my business building dreams. 

More specifically, your dream! Did your dream include constantly posting on social media to market yourself? Or maybe staying up until dawn brainstorming branding strategies? Probably not.

Welcome to the club!

Let's talk about dreams!

let's be friends!

My name's krystin, and i like to party.

I am so happy you made it! And I can't wait to meet you, but until then let me share a bit about myself.

I love all things outside, especially walks and going to the beach! And lucky for me I am just a short drive away from the Atlantic ❤

I am a mama to two wonderful little girls, that bring so much crazy to my everyday. But remember how I said I am lucky? Well, I lucked out with the best partner in this life and I am grateful to call him my husband!

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