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January 29, 2021

Batch Working and Blogging

My two favorite things! And I am not kidding. If you have been following along, you know how much I believe in blogging. There are just so many benefits to blogging, but we aren’t here to talk about that! Instead I am going to teach you the easiest and best way to produce a lot of content for your blog by batch working.

Batch Working

If you don’t already know, let me give you a quick run down of how batch working works. Basically, you work in batches. Now that I am typing this it seems so obvious! But, let me just go a little further in explaining exactly what I mean when it comes to blogging!

Step 1: Ideas

Once a week go into your blog, I personally use WordPress and adore it!, and jot down some ideas. Make as many drafts as you can and be sure to include your title, a few headings that will guide you later when writing, and any one-liners that you don’t want to forget. Take only fifteen minutes to do this, set a timer if it helps.

Step 2: Write it!

Everyone is a little different as far as the length of an individual blog and how much research goes into it. I can’t really set a time limit for you, so that’s on your girl! But decide a time limit for how long you are going to write and then GO TO TOWN. Write as much as you can and don’t worry too much about readability and SEO. Just get all your thoughts into that draft! This way you wont get overwhelmed with all the different elements that contribute to a good blog.

virtual assistant for small businesses and wedding photographer desk with materials and supplies for batchworking and blogging

Step 3: Edit, Edit, Edit

For me there are three types of editing that’s involved in blogging. But, lets be real, you can do it all in less than an hour, so it’s just one step. First, go through and fix miss spelled words and readability. Make sure it flows like water!

Next, focus on keywords and other SEO related elements. This is KEY! If you are not taking care of the SEO in your blogs, then there is almost no point in writing them. Is that a little harsh? Maybe. But, the truth hurts girl! There are so many blogs out on the internet, the competition is there! You need to use everything you can to get yours found in a search engine!

And finally, my favorite part of it all, photos. I love adding photos to a blog. I work mostly with wedding photographers, so looking through their galleries is just so much fun! Pick out photos that have a wow factor, and shows a variety of the kind of work you do! Then be sure to Alt Text those bad boys with unique descriptions.

Step 4: PUBLISH!

Just hit that publish button and spread your blog like wild fire! Post it on all the social media accounts you have and send it out in your newsletter too. And then you are done!

virtual assistant to help with blogging for wedding photographers and small businesses
Learn why blogs are so important!

Batch working and blogging go and in hand. I find this to be the best way I have ever blogged. I never get overwhelmed with the creation, I feel that I am most productive, and never burnt out. Blogging is made so much easier with batch working. And if you still hate it after trying this method out, hit me up for more tips or I will just do it for you!