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January 23, 2021

5 Tasks to Outsource

I used to think that outsourcing was only for the big kids. You know, the people who are making buckets of money and are no longer doing work. Sounds pretty silly, huh? I was way wrong. Outsourcing is for any size business. If you don’t know how to do something, or you don’t have time to do it, then just outsource it! And what to outsource? Let me tell you!

#1 Newsletter

Do you send out a weekly newsletter to your email list? Well, you should! It is an awesome way to connect with your audience in a more personal way that benefits them. Your newsletters should be full of tips and tricks that make you known as an expert in your field, as well as helping your clients grow! However, continually brainstorming and putting out that content can take away precious time that you would rather be spending with your clients or building bigger ideas! Outsource it and you will free yourself of one of the less exciting tasks, and gain so much in other areas.

#2 Blogging

I cannot stop talking about how crucial blogging is for you! You have got to commit to doing it, and doing it right! So many of my clients are not big into blogging because of all the work it takes. Brainstorming, researching, writing, formatting, SEO, editing, and the list goes on! Seriously, you just need to outsource that. Running your business is already a lot to handle on it’s own. And writing about it weekly can just put you over the top!

#3 Social Media Interaction

One of biggest wastes of time in our day and age is scrolling through social media. We all know this, but we just can’t help it! Getting distracted is easy and a waste of your precious time. Hiring someone to strategize your social media accounts as well as to like, comment, respond and other interactions on your social media platforms can help you save a lot of time and build your following. And time is money. Basically, you will be saving money and making money!

#4 Posts

Kind of like blogging, a lot goes into a post. So, maybe you should (do I even need to say it?) outsource! I love how you can imbed so much personality into a post, and that is why I encourage my clients to post regularly. You are able to connect with your followers and share how you vibe, which can make all the difference when shopping around. With that said, you can achieve that authenticity while outsourcing. You can outsource the brainstorming, the publishing, or even the strategizing of posts.

#5 Everything You Hate

I love my business! I really do. But, of course there are parts of my work that I dread doing. And that is okay. If there is a task that you just don’t like and you procrastinate and eventually forget about, then you should probably outsource it. If it was on your to-do list, then chances are it was important! Bite the bullet, and get it done! Or, just send it over to your virtual assistant to do!

virtual assistant for wedding photographers smiling for her headshot

Paying someone to do what you are not able to is a good thing. It means that you have gotten to a place in your business that you no longer have time to focus on the backend. Which means growth and progress! And if you want to continue to move forward in your business hiring a virtual assistant, who is well versed in SEO and trends, can really bring you to the next level!