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I don't know about you, but I am sick of courses that take hours to get through and are filled with fluff.

That is why I created a DIY SEO Course for blogging that you can complete in 60-90 minutes. 
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I give you a custom list of optimized keywords that are guaranteed to help your ranking

"I wish I could give 10 stars! Krystin will BLOW YOUR MIND with her expert knowledge about blogging and SEO. For years I avoided SEO because it felt confusing, but she broke it down into bite sized pieces and used vocabulary that I could understand. She walked me through it every step of the way. Not only is Jack Robin Co. helping me optimize my blogs and website for SEO but her course taught me the skills so I can understand what needs to be done in the future. She takes the "scary" world of SEO and makes it child's play. Thank you for being so freaking awesome to work with!"

Lisa, Lilo Photography & Branding

This DIY SEO Course will change everything

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MY SEO BLogging Guide with Audio 

Teaches you the critical information of how to strategically & easily apply SEO to your blogs.


Custom SEO Blogging Sheet

I do the research and give you the top 5-10 keywords that will bring in your ideal clients & increase your ranking on search engines like Google!


walk through a real blog with me!

Are you a visual learner? Me too. I share with you walk through videos of how to write a blog with an SEO emphasis. As well as how to optimize an already existing blogs in both Wordpress & Squarespace.

You can complete this course in 60-90 minutes & literally start improving your SEO today!

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Lauren hopped from 6 pages back on google to the top 3 search results

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By Consistently SEO blogging & indexing those blogs, Nancy has grown her organic keywords over 2500%

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